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Synca JP1100 4D Massage Chair - 2020

Synca JP1100 4D Massage Chair
JP1100 4D Massage Chair Black colored, left side three quarter view
  • JP1100 4D Massage Chair Espresso colored left side three quarter view
  • JP1100 4D Massage Chair Black colored front view
  • JP1100 4D Massage Chair Beige colored right side three quarter view


Eliminate everyday stress, reduce fatigue, and improve muscle recovery with full-body massage chairs for your home. BGI Fitness has a selection of high quality massage chairs and accessories.

The high-performance JP1100 4D massage chair is expertly crafted by master Japanese technicians and is the first Japanese massage chair to ever feature a foot roller. This chair was produced in conjunction with the company that first invented massage chairs in 1954, so you know you’re getting top-of-the-line innovation.

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  • The JP1100 features the world's most advanced dual layer body scan and the most advanced 4D style massage robot.
  • The chair can auto detect your spine and shoulder position to optimize the depth and specific pressure points of the massage, giving you a personialized massage experience every time.
  • The JP1100 has 21 automatic programs including 30-minute programs, numerous 16-minute loops and six different kinds of concentrated massage.
  • There's a program for every ache and pain or to simply give you a boost of energy and vitality.
  • The clear, colorful display and menu configuration allow you to easily select programs and control the pressure and location of your massage.
  • "Near 180 degree flat recline" is a high-quality sleeping position allowing the user to stretch out nearly flat, opening all the tissues of the back to massage optimizing the feeling of comfort.
  • Now during longer massages you can relax and allow your body tissue to open freely, allowing the massage robot to more effectivly massage the affected area.
  • "Power stretch" increases the effectiveness of the massage and loosens and relaxes muscles like you've never experienced before.
  • These safe stretches increase massage effectivness by targeting hard to reach muscle tissue and groups.
  • "Dual warm heaters" warm up around erector spinae muscles and the soles of the feet.
  • The dual heater works to stimulate blood flow and bring blood to the surface of the skin where the massage rollers can stimulate the tissue to enhance circulation.
  • These heaters also loosen stiff muscles, enabling a more effective massage.
  • Heaters can also be used independently.
  • The JP1100 massage chair has a special roller and airbag designd to target the plantar fascia muscles in the arch oof the foot. This special function utilizes Shiatsu massage movements while holding the foot securley with the air compression system located near the ankles and insteps simultaneously.
  • When you apply all three of these foot components at once, you'll realize the full benefits of acupressure and the most ecstatic foot massage of your life!


Weight In-Box 216lbs
Size In-Box 30in x 46.5in x 48in
Assembled Weight 171lbs
Assembled Upright 54.33in x 30in x 49.2in
Assembled Reclined 78.75in x 34.65in x 29.15in
Max User Weight 300 lbs
Warranties 5 years on parts and labor

* Subject to change without notice.