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LeMond Fitness RevMaster Sport Exercise Bike
If you’re looking for a fitness bike that provides a great fit and is super fun to ride, the LeMond Fitness RevMaster Sport indoor cycling bike has you covered. A strong, stable frame along with a BMX bottom bracket and cranks provide a solid base for riding as hard as you want in or out of the seat. You can mirror your standard bike fit with the seat and the handlebar vertical and fore/aft micro-adjustability. And, the ergonomic bars provide multiple positions, including aero bars for training in time-trial mode. You can also install your own seat and pedals if you prefer. And to top it all off, the Kevlar belt drive keeps the RevMaster smooth, quiet and maintenance-free, ensuring that your breathing will be the loudest part of your riding.
LeMond Fitness RevMaster Pro Exercise Bike
The next generation LeMond RevMaster offers you some great upgrades to the classic model. For maximum riding comfort, the new narrower crank design replicates the geometry of a great road bike. New Cam handles and increased adjustment ranges to seat and handlebars create the best custom fit available and gives you greater muscle involvement. The 4-way microfit also lets you cycle in an upright position or pedal stretched out and low, which is ideal for triathletes. Improved corrosion resistance by using electroless nickel plating and a new 2 piece bottom bracket cartridge make the RevMaster Pro even easier to maintain and service.
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