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Synca Kagra 4D Massage Chair - 2019

Synca Kagra 4D Massage Chair
Kagra 4D Massage Chair Black colored left front three quarter view
  • Kagra 4D Massage Chair Espresso colored, left three quarter front view
  • Kagra 4D Massage Chair Black colored left front three quarter view
  • Kagra 4D Massage Chair Beige colored left front three quarter view
This item is currently not available.


Eliminate everyday stress, reduce fatigue, and improve muscle recovery with full-body massage chairs for your home. BGI Fitness has a selection of high quality massage chairs and accessories.

The Kagra massage chair is a blend of traditional massage and modern elegance that blends seamlessly into your home. Not so modern it seems out of place, not so traditional it feels stuck in the past. It’s a piece of tasteful, polished furniture you’ll be excited to show off.

Visit the Johnson Fitness website to learn more about this product:

  • Don’t let the smooth lines fool you, underneath the streamlined appearance lies years of research and devel­opment into the best components. Kagra uses premium materials and components in its construction to ensure this investment in your wellbeing lasts. Available in three classic colors that coordinate with your furniture and fit your home and your life.
  • The Multi-functional footrest can be used for three purposes. Use it for a foot and calf massage, flip it to become an ottoman like a recliner, or store it to save space and look nice.
  • The adjustable footrest extends and changes angles to accomodate users with different heights, so everyone can use the chair!
  • It's easy to change the incline and recline when the shortcut keys are at your fingertips. You're able to adjust footrest and backrest angles,massage intensity and change programs. Even if you're unfamiliar with the chair, one finger motion can get what you desire.
  • 4D mechanisims make it possible to deliver multiple Shiatsu techniques learned in Japanes Shiatsu schools. 
  • 4D is a superior technique that applies rythmic vertical,horizontal and depth motions as comfortable as if they were real human hands.
  • To relieve stiffness in specific regions, you can create your own custom massage course by selecting any of the manual or auto techniques that you need. Save for the next time you need them with a touch of a button.
  • Customize massage points and intensity for your unique needs. Through high performance dual layer sensors, Kagra delivers an optimal and customized massage experience contoured to each individual's body.
  • Press one button and your choice of eight auto courses,foot massage or various stretch options lets you enjoy an effective and therapeutic massage.
  • The Kagra massage chair features adjustable backrest and footrest angles.
  • Armrest positions automatically adjust in conjunction with the recline of the backrest to ensure full contact with all massage surfaces.
  • Turn on the triple layer heater and take a nap, you'll never want to get out!
  • You'll never need a blanket when using the Kagra
  • The heat pad can lay behind you, on your chest or stomach and even warm your hands with its pocket hand warmers.
  • Add in the foot and calf heat and you'll be warm all over.
  • Heat not only helps the circulation, but helps loosen muscles and helps you achieve a peaceful relaxing time.
  • Bluetooth speakers are blended into the headrest so you can soothe you mind while you sooth your body by listening to the music you need.
  • Not listening to music? The speakers are bluetooth and wireless, so you can stream whatever your favorite show is from your smart TV through the chair.
  • There is also a specuially designed storage pocket to place or retrieve your phone or tablet at your convenience.


Voltage 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz
Assembled Weight 211.6 lbs
Assembled Upright 63" x 30.3" x 41.7"
Warranties 3 years on parts and labor

* Subject to change without notice.