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Synca i-Puffy Massage Cushion - 2019

Synca i-Puffy Massage Cushion
i-Puffy Massage Cushion three quarter view


Wrapped in happiness, anytime, anywhere. The premium i-Puffy 3D lumbar massager brings a simple modern design that matches the interior of your home in the perfect massage cushion.
The i-Puffy is made from premium natural cotton materials, is a stylish modern grey color; and was expertly crafted with attention to the little details like stitching, materials, and build quality.Most massage cushions on the market use a rotational 2D massage head that just spins left and right, the i-Puffy’s 3D massage head pushes in and out to provide a superior and more penetrating massage into the muscles. The shape of this cushion emerged from years of study into the right curves and contours to fit the body just right to ensure the best experience possible.
The included AC adapter for your car allows a passenger to enjoy the i-Puffy on the go and it’s light weight make it extremely mobile and easy to transport. Turn on the infrared heating while getting a massage for an effective penetrating warmth that’s designed to loosen muscles and stimulate blood flow and you’ll feel the days stress melt away.

  • Easy to carry and use whenever you'd like. Its compact design allows the i-Puffy to go with you whether you're home, at work or traveling.
  • The compact and lightweight design lets you easily position the cushion to suit your individual needs.
  • The i-Puffy bring therapy to the part of your body that needs relief.
  • New Multi Technique is an ergonomically designed double headed massager that contours to your body. The life like 3D rotating massagers will heal your daily fatigue.
  • The shape of the i-Puffy ensures the cushion rests against you comfortably and ensures optimal contact with the massage and heat system for a superior performance.
  • Heat stimulates blood flow and loosens muscles to increase the effectivness of your i-Puffy.
  • The simple-modern-design with the right size and premium fabric make the i-Puffy look like it belongs in your home.


Voltage DC 12V 1.5A
Assembled Weight 4.85 lbs
Power Consumption 18W

* Subject to change without notice.