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Octane Fitness ZR7 Zero Runner

Octane Fitness ZR7 Zero Runner
ZR7 Zero Runner rear three quarter view


With the Zero Runner, we cracked the code to provide a natural, smooth motion that truly replicates running but without the impact. Extend your running career, run faster, become more efficient and strengthen your muscles by cross-training with zero-impact running. The Zero Runner also educates you about your running gait and form. Built-in intelligence traces your gait while you run so you can track the health of your gait and ensure that you are performing at mile 13 as strong as you did at mile one.

Learn more about the Zero Runner at the Octane Fitness website.


Introduction to Zero-Running (4:19)

Introduction to Zero-Running

How-To (1:46)

Zero Runner - How-To

Zero Runner @ the Boston Marathon (1:52)

Zero Runner @ the Boston Marathon