Science of HIIT / Sprint Intensity Cardio & The Exercise Paradox

Science of HIIT / Sprint Intensity Cardio & The Exercise Paradox

An Interactive Seminar with Phil Campbell

Wednesday, January 22 @ 6:30 pm
BGI Fitness Greenwood 
Thursday, January 23 @ 6 pm & 7 pm
BGI Fitness North

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Target body fat / Increase your energy / Slow the aging process

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High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is #2 exercise trends for 2020. To gain the most benefit from this exercise protocol, it is beneficial to know about the science behind this effective exercise program. In this interactive seminar, Phil Campbell will explain the difference between HIIT and Sprint Cardio, and explain The Exercise Paradox (why people don’t exercise). If you wonder why it’s difficult to stick to your fitness goals and want fast results, this interactive seminar is for you!

Attend this seminar and learn: 

  • What is the difference between HIIT and Sprint Cardio? 
  • What is The Exercise Paradox?
  • How such a short workout can quick results? 
  • How do you increase your energy levels with sprint cardio? 
  • Can you really lose 27% of your body fat in 8 weeks by exercising just 20 minutes a day, three times a week?
  • Is Sprint Cardio really the best exercise for you? Can anyone do it? 
  • What other things should you do in addition to sprint cardio workout? 
  • What should you eat and drink before, during and after your workout to get maximum results? 
  • How can you incorporate sprint cardio techniques into strength training?

Join others at BGI Fitness to learn about the science behind sprint cardio from Phil Campbell, creator of the protocol. He’ll provide latest research and how you can overcome The Exercise Paradox. After the seminar portion, you’ll be able to test it out yourself working out coached by Phil himself! You’ll receive a signed book (Sprint 8 Cardio Protocol: Sprint-intensity cardio targeting exercise-induced growth hormone for a New You, by Phil Campbell) at the program. 

BGI Fitness is honored to be able to host Phil Campbell in Indianapolis once a year. Meet Phil Campbell in person, try out a Sprint 8 Workout and find out how the Sprint 8 Workouts can improve your fitness in just 20 minutes per day! Don't miss this opportunity to jump start your fitness in the new year!

Schedule of Events  (Classes are offered at no charge, but registration is required.)

Wednesday, January 22

BGI Fitness Greenwood, 997 E. County Line Rd., Greenwood
6:30 pm Science of HIIT / Sprint Intensity Cardio & The Exercise Paradox: An interactive seminar with Phil Campbell

Thursday, January 23

BGI Fitness North, 4340 E. 82nd St., Indianapolis
6:00 pm Science of HIIT / Sprint Intensity Cardio & The Exercise Paradox: An interactive seminar with Phil Campbell 
7:00 pm Science of HIIT / Sprint Intensity Cardio & The Exercise Paradox: An interactive seminar with Phil Campbell

Take the BGI Fitness Sprint Cardio Challenge!

Inspired to go further? Take the Sprint Cardio Challenge! Between February 1 and March 31, do the Sprint Cardio workout 3x/week for 8 weeks (24 workouts). Indicate your interest in participating in the Sprint Cardio Challenge by signing up here for details on how to enter your workouts. Everyone who fulfills the 8-week BGI Fitness Sprint Cardio Challenge will receive a $20 gift card and be entered into a drawing for $200 Gift Card to BGI Fitness.

“After eight weeks of Sprint 8 I had lost 16lbs (222 to 206) and my BMI had gone from 30.5 to 28.2.  I never missed a week and always did Sprint 8 on Thursday, Saturday and Monday. I did all my Sprint 8 workouts on a Spin bike.  I have continued Sprint 8 and since then I am down to 200lbs and BMI is at 27.5.” - Todd R.

“Have lost nearly 10 pounds with this challenge, resting heart rate dropped 15 beats avg, and blood pressure so low I went from 20 mg to 5 daily of BP med and predict I will get off it entirely (MD agrees!)” - Jo Ann S.

“Following the 8x 30 secs ON / 1:30 OFF cardio regimen just 3x a week has worked wonders for my overall fitness, muscle tone, strength and endurance. I’ve also seen an improvement in my sleep and daily energy level, less aches and pains, and better runs. I will certainly continue to keep the Sprint8 in my exercise plan.” - Dave C.

Sprint 8 & Matrix Fitness

Matrix Fitness, an award-winning home fitness equipment company, features Phil Campbell's cardio "Sprint 8" program on their fitness bikes, elliptical trainers & treadmills.The Matrix Fitness XIR console includes a stunning HD display and an intuitive home screen that offers easy access to entertainment and it has SPRINT 8 programmed into the equipment.

Sprint 8 workout is perfect for time-crunched adults because it only takes 20 minutes. Visit Sprint 8 website for more info, research, success stories and download a SPRINT 8 Workout booklet. But the best way to find out is to test out the program at BGI with Phil Campbell himself!

Research shows that high-intensity, anaerobic workouts that include the short-burst, get-you-out-of-breath, sprinting types of exercise, trigger the body's natural ability to cut body fat and trim inches. Learn more about this on Sprint 8 website.

What is SPRINT 8?

  SPRINT 8 is the perfect fitness solution for time-crunched adults!

Matrix Fitness has teamed up with Phil Campbell, author of "Ready, Set, Go! Synergy Fitness," to develop an anaerobic SPRINT 8 program found exclusively on Matrix Fitness® cardio products. All you have to do is push a button to experience proven results.

More info on SPRINT 8 can be found on the SPRINT 8 website and Sprint 8 facebook page

Here are some SPRINT 8 highlights:

Each workout takes only 20 minutes!
 - Effective for all ages and fitness levels
 - Naturally releases your "fitness" hormone
 - Cuts body fat and tones muscle
 - Reduces wrinkles
 - Boosts energy
 - Improves speed and performance

If you are over 30, you are likely experiencing somatopause!
Somatopause is the medical term for the weight gain, loss of muscle, energy decline and wrinkled skin you experience when you hit middle age. To combat somatopause, medical researchers say people must incorporate anaerobic exercise into their weekly fitness routine. Anaerobic exercise programs, such as SPRINT 8, help you release your fitness hormone.

Found on Matrix XR, XER and XIR consoles, the powerful Sprint 8 workout program has been medically proven to boost energy, reduce body fat and promote lean muscle mass through a natural release of exercise-induced fitness hormone. And best of all, it's only 20 minutes long!

Phil Campbell holds two advanced degrees and is certified the American College of Sports Medicine CPT. He applies his advanced training in Health Services, experience in training over 12,000 athletes in speed and strength, and his experience (over 35 years) in the development of Ready, Set, Go! Synergy Fitness.

Phil Campbell is the creator of the Sprint 8 cardio protocol featured in award-winning cardio units made by Matrix Fitness for over ten years. He is frequently cited as an expert in exercise-induced growth hormone release and anaerobic exercise. Oprah's O Magazine called Sprint 8 the fastest working workout. Self Magazine recommends Sprint 8 to all women to lose weight on their lunch break, and Outside Magazine also recommends Sprint 8 to readers. Phil Campbell is the author of Ready Set Go! Fitness, now in the 2nd edition, 9th printing. He has been a University Speed & Athletic Performance Coach, and he has been a professional speed coach and trainer for 38 years.

Phil is an expert at taking complex medical subjects and making them understandable and practical. He calls this approach "street level applied science."

Thousands of people across the US have been inspired by Phil Campbell's motivational presentation "Fitness for a Lifetime." If you'll let him, Phil Campbell will show you how to have the most successful and lasting fitness improvement experience of your life.

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