Bicycle Trainers and Rollers at BGI Fitness - Indianapolis

Bring Your Bike Indoors!

Bicycle Trainers and Rollers are two more tools for reaching your cycling and fitness goals.  If you are an avid cyclist, you already know the importance of a good bicycle fit to your comfort and performance.  Trainers and Rollers allow you to train on your fitted bike.  And if you are a time crunched, multi-sport athlete, they give you training options on your schedule, in your home, in any weather.  When you visit BGI Fitness, Bicycle Garage Indy is the same story.  You will find our complete selection on companion website


BGI Fitness offers a complete selection of CycleOps Bicycle Trainers and Rollers, for their proven reliability and quality.


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Choose a trainer for pure workouts, where you can focus on intervals and power output while working against the trainers resistance unit. Choose rollers for a workout that also improves your handling confidence and the development of a fluid-like pedaling style. A Heart Rate Monitor will help you get the most from your indoor workouts.  We also offer trainer accessories like climbing blocks, mats, sweat protectors and Training DVDs.


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Get The Most From Your Trainer

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